Sunday, January 10, 2010

Noah's Ark...

This past week turned out to be my first full week of riding, meaning I got out 5 days this week. Cold temps made for frozen trails and lots of fun on my Spot. The only draw back is that I have been battling a cold for the past 5 days. That and the Eagles really, really, Suck.
But I digress. I spent the week days taking advantage of my work schedule and riding solo during the day. But the weekend was a couple of nice group rides. Saturday we hit Fair Hill, shit I need more beer.... That's better. Where was I? Oh Yeah, a nice group rolled out at 9:00am hoping for 2+ hours, Wes even joined the fun since he was in town for some cross thingy. I think this was the first time Todd let me lead a Fair Hill ride, also along were Kurtee, Rotten Robert, Leo, Steve, Michigan Matt and Jay. It turned out to be a great ride.

On my drive home I saw Jay broken down in Newark. I stopped to see if I could help, He says, " you can take Noah to his skating lesson". I can honestly say with the exception of Jeffery, I have never had a child in my car, but if Jay trusted me who am I to say no. We loaded Noah into his booster seat along with his skating stuff and off I went. Luckily Matt Doyle was there with his kid as well so he would be waiting outside for us. I have to say Noah is a pretty cool kid. He was telling me all kinds of stories and never ran out of something to say. He may have been one of my favorite passengers. Plus, we got there with know problems.

Today's ride was a little more laid back. Smaller group taking on White Clay/Middle Run. It was a lot colder so I knew I wasn't going to last as long. We still put together a nice ride, but my feet got cold, once that happens i am pretty much done.
To finish off the weekend Rachael and I took the dogs for a walk on the Newark Greenway Trail. Its basically a nice paved path the runs about 1.7 miles. the dogs liked so it may be a once a week thing.

Time to get back to the game and more beer.

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matt mccluskey said...

I wasn't on this ride. Musta been another Michigan Matt.

Nice of you to give Noah a ride.