Thursday, January 21, 2010

Money Well Spent...

While eating my breakfast and watching Sports Center at 5:15 this morning, the power went out. The uneasy part about that was the loud popping noise that came from the area of the TV. Of course I thought, there goes the LCD. Nothing I could do so I went to work. I get to the corner and see why the power went out. Somebody ran into the pole on a dry deserted road.

I get home from work just after 2:00pm and find that the power is back on. I try to turn on the TV and nothing. I go to reset the surge protector, and find out it is fried. I plug the TV into a regular outlet and much to my relief it works. Next I check the computer, same thing, I check the TV down stairs, same thing.
3 dead surge protectors...

Not time to fix them because I have to meet Steve for a road ride. Two and a half hours later I take a trip to the Staples across the street, they are sold out of surge protectors, at least we weren't the only ones. I then make my way to Radio Shack.
Needless to say we are back up and running, and once again protected. I wonder if I can claim this on my home owners insurance?

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JenBob said...

weren't you the one who installed the whole house surge protector at my house?