Monday, January 18, 2010


The weather has been pretty nice, except for yesterday. The problem is that now the trails are not frozen and fast, they are muddy and not ridable. I did manage one last hurrah on Saturday. Met up with Matt and Jay for some fire road fun. It was actually a good ride, we even managed some single track before the thaw. I was pretty beat after the ride, but still managed to meet some guys from work for a few hours of paintball. And, I was still home in time to catch the playoffs. Not a bad day.

Yesterday I worked on the other bathroom. Rachael did the painting, I put down the new floor when she was done. All I have left now is some trim and putting up a new medicine cabinet. Today was more work on the house. I installed a new storm door. I thought it would be a piece of cake, and it would have been if the house wasn't 40 years old. Whoever put up the old door did a pretty crappy job. So that made my job way more difficult. I would have finished it today, but I ran out of daylight. Tomorrow is another day. Of course we are going to replace the whole front door soon, so I get to take it back down and put it up again, Yippee.

Hopefully we can get the bedroom done next.

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