Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally A Great Week Of Riding...

It has been a long winter, trail riding since February has been scarce, now it seems spring is here. Rain early in the week had me on the road bike Tuesday with Steve, L Webb and Rob. Nice ride slightly mellow pace. Thursday I was able to hit the trails again, Jeffery and Jake came out for a nice ride at Fair Hill. The trails are dry but by all means not fast yet. Fells like you are riding on very low tire pressure. Wednesday and Friday were dedicated to yard work, Ugh. But this weekend was awesome.

Yesterday a group of us hit White Clay Middle Run. Slik Rik, Steve, and Rob joined me for a whole park tour. The only trail we didn't hit was the Judge. I was hurting a little towards the end, but lucky for me the ride home was mostly downhill.

Last night Rachael and I had a nice dinner with Rob had Liz at Homegrown. My favorite local. We were seated next to Marc and Diane, who were finishing up there dinner.

Today was an Original Matt production at Fair Hill. As promised he tried to rip every one's legs off. How a guy who only gets out a couple of days a week can ride that hard is beyond me. Huge group today, way to many to mention, could very well have been the best ride ever. Lots of shit talking going on, I know I took a lot of shrapnel, but it is all good. I was not feeling it today, but was able to hang in there. By the way Peaches, I still have my legs, but they do hurt a lot right now.

I think its time to hit the recovery drinks.

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