Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wow, That Hurt...

As Marc put it, the Icicle metric century is always a sure sign that spring is really here. Of course it is always a little chilly that day. Yesterday was a balmy 30 deg. when I rolled out of my house. We had a nice group for a the ride. I was hoping for the legs I had last year, that didn't happen. Couple that with the toughest Icicle loop I have ever done, and it made for a hard day. I did have my moments but they were few and far between. Totals were 72 miles in around 4:15 or so. I actually want to thank Slik Rik, Mike C., Harlow and Shawn for thoroughly kicking my ASS. I needed that. I hope that pays dividends next weekend.

I thought about not riding today, until The Original Matt, mentioned riding in the afternoon. I have always been a morning ride person on the weekend, this can be counter productive. I usually go out and destroy myself, then come home, eat like a pig and lay on the couch. Today slept in, made pancakes for Rachael and I, did some yard work, then met up rode over to White Clay to ride some trails with Matt and Jay. I was surprised that I didn't feel that bad, plus i tacked another 2.5 hours on for the weekend.

I think I might like this afternoon ride time.

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