Monday, April 12, 2010

All Jacked Up...

It has been a few years since I did any kind of cross country racing, but when Slik Rik said he was registering a small team for the MASS series I said I would do it. I used to actually train for xc racing, but I haven't done that in quite a while either. Well, the Bike Line Fair Hill race was Sunday and showed up to race. Which was tough since I spent Saturday night at Victory with a nice group of people. While I was there I tried to drink them out of Cask Hop Wallop. Not to mention the jalapenos.

Sunday morning was a bit rough, so my expectations were not that high, in fact I just wanted to finish with out seeing those peppers again. The start was on a dusty road, so I went for the hole shot, and much to my surprise, I got it. I entered the single track in the top 4 or 5 and was feeling OK, but that group was flying. I let a few guys go by and kind of settled in. I knew the course and was hoping for a little home field advantage. Things were going OK, then about halfway through the first lap my back started to tighten up. By the middle of the second I was in a lot of pain. Legs were feeling pretty good, but my back was getting worse. I wasn't the only one, Marc passed me on my second lap, and I caught back up to him on the third, his back was hurting him. I tried to give him some encouragement, then I just went on trying to get the race over with and salvage as many spots as I could.

I think I ended up 12TH out of 30+ starters, not as bad as I thought I was going to do at the start. I know L Webb won, but I am not sure how the rest of the Henry's riders did. As much as it hurt, I did have fun. Granogue is next on our schedule, but I am not sure if I will be racing. Trying to get the course ready always seems to take a lot out of me, but you never know.



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