Monday, May 03, 2010

Granogue, The Dry Version...

The past few years have been hard on Granogue. It seems like it always rains the day before or the day of, or like last year, both. This year was better, but we did have a little shower in the early morning, just enough to make the course slick in spots, all the hard spots.

It all started Saturday with a new event, a trail run. We had 91 people show up to run our mountain bike course. Not being a runner I thought it was crazy, but the runners seemed to love it. We also had 110 people sign up for the pre-ride, and a dozen for the time trial. It was a good start to the weekend.
Yesterday was Andrew Mein's Excellent Adventure at Granogue. It was big success. After last year I thought people would be gun shy but it was just the opposite, 541 racers came out and enjoyed our course.
I think we need to acknowledge Mr. DuPont for letting us come out and take over his place for a couple of weekends each year. Not to mention the constant activity for a couple of months leading up to the events.

I also can't say enough about our cycling community. We had over 50 people give up some of there time to help make this race one of the best out there. I even heard a guy say "They should hold the world championship here, this is a Real Mountain Bike course" That was music to my ears.

Plus we helped Sam raise $4000 for HERA, always a great cause.

I'm not sure if we can top this year, but we are sure going to try.


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