Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adirondacks 2010...

Rachael and I had been planning for our trip to the Adirondacks for months, we were very prepared logistically, but not physically. After a 7 hour drive up we arrived at the parking lot around 3:00, thinking we had a couple hours hike in to where we would camp. I think we were expecting an easy hike in, when it was anything but easy. We were loaded up with enough gear and supplies for 3 days in the back country, which meant I was carrying 60 pounds and Rachael about 50. The hike in wasn't bad for the first hour or so, but then the trail got rough, it was rocky, rooty, swampy, and not flat. There was a point when we both wanted to just turn around and go home, but we were too far in for that so we pressed on. Finally about 3:45 later we found an empty lean-to and just collapsed. We still set up a tent to help keep Brian contained at night. After some tasty dehydrated meals ands a couple of beer we collapsed in the tent.
Our original plan was to hike in on Thursday, do day hikes on Friday and Saturday, hike Sunday morning. We decided to change that to hike Friday and hike out Saturday. We got up early Friday morning, I don't think we ever really slept, had some oatmeal and coffee and headed out.
We hiked towards Mt. Marcy, we weren't sure if we were going to go up it, but we would see how we felt.
This is Mt. Marcy from Tear Drop Lake. We climbed about 2000' to get to here the summit was another 1000' in about a mile and a half. Rachael's hips were hurting so we decided Marcy was out, but just 3/4 of mile and 600' away was the top of Mt. Skylight. We decided to give it a try.
This is Mt. Marcy from the summit of Mt. Skylight. We are just under 5000'.
The view from here was spectacular, and in my opinion, worth every step.
Brian was the best hiker of all, he was fearless. It was like he was in 4 wheel drive and we were on unicycles.

Now we had to hike back, going down may a little faster but it isn't any easier, but we made it back OK. We even stopped at a water fall for a quick clean up, the water was freezing but very refreshing.

Back at camp we had more food and beer, then crashed for the hike out in the morning. The hike out wasn't that bad, our packs were a bit lighter, and packed a bit better. We made it back to the car in a bout 2:45, a lot faster than the trip in.

If nothing else we learned a lot from our first back packing trip:

1: Rachael will not be doing any more back packing, car camping only.


3: Brian is an awesome trail dog

4:The Adirondacks are absolutely Beautiful..., but not easy

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your pack would have been 10 lbs if you didn't bring all that beer!

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nice, ADKs are awesome.