Monday, June 28, 2010

I Didn't Need This...

As much as I enjoyed our hiking trip last week, I was ready to get back on the bike. I got out with L Webb on Tuesday for a nice mellow ride. I tried to ride Thursday, but had to bail after 3.5 miles because sever weather was rolling in. Saturday I planned a 4 park ride. I was joined by Big Ben, and Les. I hadn't ridden with either of these guys in a long time so I was looking forward to it.
Ben is coming off a couple of herniated discs in his back, he doesn't have a lot of speed yet, but he doesn't seem to get tired.
It was going to be hot, but the trails were perfect. We hit Fair Hill first, and did a nice big loop out there, despite all the storm damage, we had a good ride. We then made our way to White Clay, where there was no storm damage, and did a nice loop there then it was over to Middle Run to finish things off. We were making our way out and home, I decided to ride the dragons back trail the opposite way we usually do, which happens to be the more difficult way, this was a bad idea. I thought I had it, then I started falling towards the creek. I instinctively put my hand out to break my fall and in doing so, dislocated my shoulder. I have to tell you this is the worst pain ever, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Les took off to my house to get his car, Ben helped me walk up to the church to wait for Les. That short walk was brutal, but with Ben's help I made it.
Les got back quickly, even if it didn't seem like it at the time, and got me to the hospital. Lucky for me they took me right away, if I would have had to wait, I think I would have passed out. They tried to put my shoulder back with out any drugs and that didn't work, so they gave me some propofol, and I woke up with my shoulder back and the pain much more manageable. Worse than the pain in my shoulder I find out I can't have alcohol for 24 hours, UGH! no beer.
I go to see an Orthopedic surgeon today, hopefully no surgery, just rest and PT.
Thanks to Les and Ben, for all your help, and thanks to all the doctors and nurses for taking care of me quickly.

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dougyfresh said...

Rest up Buddy. Then lots of physical therapy to ensure a solid shoulder. Dislocated shoulders suck but can be overcome!

Sorry to hear the news.