Monday, July 05, 2010

Too Much Too Soon, Maybe...

After last weekends events I fully expected to be off the bike for a while, but my shoulder seems to be doing pretty good. So, Friday Rachael and I did a nice easy ride and I felt OK, so I thought doing Paul and Lisa's Port Deposit ride would be fine. It probably would have been fine if not for a couple guys that insisted on pushing the pace. This was the largest group they've had so far, and I was hoping to just sit in and get some good miles. Unfortunately the pace was never easy and I like to do my fair share of the work. There is a stretch of nice shaded flat road along the river that we usually take it easy on and try to get ready for the climb out, not this day. It was a 30mph pace line. We stopped for a pee break and before everyone was ready some of the group took off, guess who, the same people pushing the pace all day. We lost Tom somewhere along the way, luckily we found him again and were able to re-group at the Royal Farms.

Last time I did this ride I was able to climb out of Port Deposit in the big ring, this time I didn't have enough gears. So far the shoulder was OK, but my legs were not. I suffered the whole way back, even the down hills seemed like work, plus now my shoulder was starting to ache. I was beginning to think I over did it.

When I woke up the next day I realized I had over done it, so I took it easy. I decided to ride again today, a shorter ride at an easier pace. L Webb came along and we had a nice ride. Plus, my shoulder feels fine afterward. I know, I'm not even supposed to be riding, but I just can't help myself. 24 Hours of Great Glen is in 6 weeks, I need to get ready. I am going to stay off the mountain bike for a while longer, but I'm not sure how much longer.


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