Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday I participated in the Philly Live Strong Challenge with Liz. I have to say it was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Despite the rainy weather, over 3200 people showed up to ride in support of some loved one or as a survivor. In all they had nearly 6000 people for the run and ride, raise almost $3.1 million dollars. they had 36,000 people donate money to this worthy cause. Even Lance's home town of Austin hasn't raised that much. I was in awe of the number of people at the start. I left the racer mentality home for this ride and just enjoyed the company and meeting all kinds of people. We started at the front of the pack and just rode and just settled in for a nice bike ride.
The course was actually pretty challenging, plenty of hills and a lot of them were pretty steep. Liz rode well, never complained and never thought about getting off her bike. Even when we were climbing one of the steepest hills in an absolute down pour she pressed on. I was proud to be riding with her.

The other thing I enjoyed was the people along the route showing there support for someone they knew or just showing support for everybody riding. From the kids running around there yard yelling "You guys are Awesome" to the little old lady sitting on her porch ringing a cow bell. We got to see it all.

When we came across the finish, they even mentioned my name and how much money I raised. Then I got to meet Liz's parents, awesome people. I really enjoyed talking with them.

I am already looking forward to next year. Hopefully we can put together Team Tough Cookie, and raise a lot of money towards a great cause.



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robert said...

nice, Buddy. Wish I was there, but glad you were. I know Liz was really happy to have you.