Monday, July 15, 2013

Stoudt's Muddy Summer Relay...

 So once again Marc and I signed up for a two person relay. The attraction to this one was, its at a Brewery, and did I mention it was at a Brewery. The folks at JB Mountain bikes put on an awesome event. Now, there were a few things that weren't that great. The course was a little short, there was a lot of mud, and it was very humid, and did I mention the mud?
 After a couple of pre ride laps, Marc, "you should go first" me, "are you kidding me" Marc, "its a short run, you'll be fine", me "OOOkay, I'll go first, but this is a bad idea"

   So, the run was short and I managed to hit the bikes in the top 15 or so. I went with the single speed because of the mud. Since the lap was only 1.25 miles and I was doing 1 to start, I went all out. I passed a few people  and was going pretty good, then I spotted Scotty and managed to bridge up to him. I put in a little attack and finished the first lap 3RD over all. Marc went out for a double which was to be our rotation for the next 4 hours.

 The mud got worse in a few sections as the race went on. After my second double I started to crack. Marc, saw this and did a triple lap, which gave me a little boost.  I switched to the geared bike which meant a trip to the bike wash after every rotation. Come off course, b line to bike wash, hose off drive train, back to compound, lube chain, then get ready for Marc to come in.

 This was our routine for the rest of the race, which good enough to get us a 2ND place. Given the competition, we were pretty stoked by that result. Plus they gave the top 3 teams beer, how awesome is that.

 Even though the course was muddy and short, I would do it again in a heart beat. So much fun, can't wait until next year.

 Thanks to Rob May for the beer feeds, very much appreciated.


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