Monday, August 19, 2013

Livestrong 2013, and some climbing...

 Yesterday was my 4TH Livestrong Philly ride. In years past I always rode with Liz, this year would be different. Liz had some friends in town to ride with, so I set out to do the full 100 miles for the first time. Travis signed up so we rode together.


  Even though the numbers were down for the event this year, it is still very inspirational to see some of the survivors and loved ones that come out and ride. Whether they do the 10 mile or the 100, they are participating.

 Now for my ride. Let me start by saying it was tough. I have done the 70 mile version before, but that leaves out some of the toughest climbs. Like the climb to Landis Store on Oysterville road. That fucker was steep and 60 miles in.

 Travis and I settled in with a nice group for the first 30 miles or so, then we stopped for food and were pretty much on our own from then on. We stopped at the Green Lane park stop. This is where Liz's parents always meet us and it is usually pretty crowded. This time there was no one there, so we just grabbed some snacks and took off.

 I have to say this course is never flat, and most of the descents are over quick, throw in the off and on rain and my goal of 6 hours wasn't looking good.

 We just kept motoring along, then about 70 miles in I started to hit the wall. The cramp monster was knocking, and I was just all around hurting.  Thanks to Travis for being patient with me while I tried to recover, which I did, just enough to finish. Which we did in 5:45. I was pretty stoked about that. 100.3 miles with over 7000' of climbing, not bad.

  Even though I loved the ride and having Travis there was awesome. I have to admit, I missed the mingling at the aid stations, hearing peoples stories about there survival or the loved ones of people affected by this disease.

 Thanks to everyone who so generously donated. Livestrong does so much good for patients and there families, that it is definitely a worthy cause.

 On Saturday I met up with Bob to go bouldering in Rockford park. It was actually pretty good. we found some fun stuff to play on.

 This is just a couple of boulders we found. We will be going back. There is quite a bit more to explore.

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When your done with Rockford , drive down Rockford Rd to Alapocas State Park. They have a rock climbing area where all the granite for the homes in the area was harvested.
Here's a link: