Monday, September 02, 2013

Yet Another Injury...

 Things had been going pretty well lately. I've been riding and feeling a bit better on the bike. I've been getting outside and climbing once a week and feeling stronger and more confident. That is until Saturday.

 I drove up to my Friend Dave's house in Quakertown to go bouldering at Haycock Mountain. Haycock is good climbing, but tough to get to. Lots of scrambling and fighting through spider webs, I guess that's why they say to stay away in summer. Dave had a guide book so we had a general idea what we were climbing, though I question there rating system.

 We climbed some fun stuff, can't remember what it was called, then moved on to find more. We found a nice spot with one of the few good landings. I was trying to put a problem together when I came off the rock a little awkward and when I landed my right knee folded in and I heard and felt a pop. Needless to say it hurt like a bitch.

 After a few minutes I was able to move it and we packed up to head back to the car. It was slow going and my knee went a few more times before getting to the car. Now it was off to the hospital. Turns out I dislocated my knee cap. Which means I have to keep my knee immobile for a while then where a brace for a while. This was bad timing because Rachael and I had plans to go camping and hiking next weekend, plus I had a race planned for mid September. So now the race is out, but we are going to try to still go camping but move the date a few weeks later.
 So now I have to be patient and not rush things. This will not be easy. Hopefully I can at least get back on the bike in a few weeks.

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