Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Stepping...

 Its been 3 weeks since I tore up my knee. The hardest part of it has been, that I can't do much, and the weather has been spectacular. Sure, I've taken a few walks, but it just isn't enough. I have a set of exercises I do everyday, and they seem to be helping, but it is a slow process.

 I am currently in classes at work, and they run through the first week of December, so surgery won't be until after that.

 Today things got a little better. Last week I managed to spin on the trainer. It took a while until I was able to bend my knee enough to pedal, but I am there now. So, today I through flat pedals on my road bike and went for a ride. It wasn't much, and it was pretty slow, but I was outside and it felt awesome to pedal around. The hardest thing was trying to not do too much. Hopefully I can progress to clipless pedals again, but if not so be it. At least I can get outside.


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