Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 2...

 This past week saw some progress and also showed me what happens when you do too much. The best thing was being able to actually pedal all the way around on the stationary bike. I was very excited. PT is going well and up until Saturday I was improving every day.

 Saturday we went to a Christmas party and I spent too much time on my feet. I was just trying to be social, but it cost me some unnecessary swelling. This is something I need to really avoid if I'm ever going to lose the crutches and the very uncomfortable knee brace. I followed this stupidity up with even more stupidity. Sunday night was the Eagles game. Even though the Eagles accommodated us with handicap accessible seating, I still had a long walk in and out of the game. This didn't help swelling issue. So, I spent Monday taking it easy and icing a lot. Things have settled down now and I have definitely learned my lesson.

 So now I will set up the trainer and try to spin every day. No resistance yet, but spinning will be good.

 Cheers and Merry Christmas to all,


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