Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weeks 5 and 6...

 My knee continues to improve a bit each day, though still not fast enough. I had a visit with my doctor, at which I asked when can I start riding again. He said 3-4 weeks. We all know that means 3 weeks.
  Jay, my PT guy, changed up some things. I needed to start really working on strengthening my quad.  My affected leg is starting to catch up to my healthy one. This meant a change in routine. Concentrate more on strengthening and stretching, and less on range of motion, since I have that back anyway.

 During last weeks PT session we were talking about climbing. Jay didn't see any problem with me doing some top roping at the gym. I was also told that I could ride outside with flat pedals. So of course I did both. Neither was very impressive, but it felt good to start back doing the things I love to do. My ride was short, slow, and just around town and the neighborhood, but it was nice to be moving and hear the wind in my ears.

 I met up with Diane and Chip at DRG for some climbing Saturday. I only did 3 easy routes, but the knee didn't seem to be an issue, so I will try to go again this weekend.

 Once all this snow is gone, I will be able to ride the road, regular pedals and all. Can't wait for that.

 Thanks for reading.

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