Friday, July 04, 2014

Made it Through Surgery, Now to Get Better...

  So my shoulder surgery was scheduled for July 15. That changed when I broke my collar bone. The only way to make things work with my job and my disability pay, was to move my surgery date up and include fixing my collar bone. This was not ideal medically, but it was my best option. So my surgery was Monday afternoon. Everything went well. In fact there was less damage than he expected. Originally the plan was fix my rotator cuff, do the Bankart repair to my torn labrum, and fix a possible torn bicep tendon. In the end my rotator cuff was ok, but my bicep tendon was torn and had to be re-attached. I also now have a nice Ti plate and 6 screws holding my clavicle together.

  So now I am in a sling for 4 weeks, only able to sleep in a recliner, and bored  out of my mind. I will not be able to ride outside for 3 months and no climbing for 4-6 months, but after this heals I hope to put this year behind me and get back to doing the things I love worry free for the first time in years.

  In the mean time, I will take walks and hope to start on a stationary bike in a few weeks.


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