Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Weeks Post Op...

 I am now just over two weeks post surgery. I had my first post surgery doctor visit and found out more details about my surgery. The first thing the doctor did was repair my fractured clavicle. He put the plate on the front but slightly under so it should not bother me in the future. He knows I do a lot of activities where I wear a back pack.

 He then went into my shoulder. I had 3 different procedures done. I had a severe Bankart Lesion, one of the worst he had seen. When my Labrum tore it took some bone fragments with it, this means that I have a slightly higher chance for a repeat dislocation than most people after this surgery. When he repaired my labrum he stretched a little farther than it was originally, this will give me more stability in the joint. Apparently I have strong ligaments so he is confident I will be fine once everything is healed.

 Next in the shoulder was a minor repair to my rotator cuff, which had a partial tear, this was pretty routine.

 Last but not least he had to repair my torn bicep tendon. This procedure is called bicep tendonesis. It was also routine. I did watch a video of this procedure, which was neat, and also showed me why this whole operation is so painful. Don't click on the video link if you get squeamish.

 The bottom line is, I am in a sling for 3 more weeks, then I will start physical therapy. It is my understanding that the first couple of weeks of PT are brutal, can't wait. I am also off work for at least 6 more weeks, maybe longer, depends on how PT goes. My plan is the same plan I followed with my knee, do what the doctor and therapist says and try to be patient. I recovered very quickly from knee surgery, so I am optimistic I will do the same with my shoulder.


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Hi Buddy, I'm Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you about your recent few medical procedures. Please email me when you have a chance, thanks so much!!