Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steady Progress...

 I am now 2 weeks into PT and almost 8 weeks post surgery. PT is hard, but going well. I have made significant progress so far, but my therapist warned me that I will hit a wall at some point that I will have to work through. He also told me I am in "the gray area" where my shoulder is moving and feeling better, and I my try and do and lift more, of course that would be a bad idea. I see what he means, and it is tough to hold back after so many weeks of doing nothing. I have also felt the bite of over doing it. I went into Friday's session feeling tired and in a bit more pain than I had been. Surprisingly, I still showed positive progress. He told me to take it easy the rest of the day, which I did, and I feel a lot better today.

 I am still a few weeks from being able to ride. I was told 10-12 weeks after surgery. I have spent some limited time on the trainer, but mostly have been sticking to hiking and walking. But, that has hit a snag as well. I was doing a nice hike with Lauri, when I tweaked my knee, yes that knee. I still went out the next couple of days and hiked, and it was after that that it started to bother me. I took a day off, then did an easy walk and still had pain. Later that day I tried to loosen it up by spinning on the trainer, and that didn't help either. I think my main problem is that I hadn't been able to stretch since I broke my collar bone, something I had been doing since my knee rehab started. So, I stretched as best I could, iced, and took it easy. Knee felt better, then I went for a nice hike with Lauri yesterday, and shortly into the hike the pain came pack. So I stretched, iced and will take a few days off hoping to get back to normal. I know it is just a mild strain,  not part of my ACL surgery. I just don't want to get cleared ride, and not be able to. So now my activity level is shoulder rehab and stretching, hopefully not for too long.


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