Friday, September 12, 2014

Progress, And, A Little Project...

 I am now in my 11TH week after surgery. PT is going very well, so well, That I was cleared to start riding again. I've been on the bike a handful of times, and at the moment I have to keep it under 2 hours, otherwise my shoulder bothers me. I'll take it though. I am hoping to return to work before the end of the month. I will know that after my  next doctor visit, fingers crossed.

 While I was waiting to start riding, I decided to take on a little project. I even convinced Lauri to join me. The plan is to section hike the Mason Dixon Trail.
We started with A BANG, but it wasn't our best idea. We were a bit ambitious, and did 18 miles on day 1.
A lot of that was roads, and in an area we know. We both came away with sore feet, and blisters. After that we scaled things back, at least while we are still local. We've been doing 8-10 miles each time out.
We are now just over 40 miles into the 196 mile trail. We don't have a time line, but it would be nice to be done before winter. We have also found lots of nice trails neither of us knew about.
The Delaware PA, Arc corner
We are both looking forward to the next day out. It's going to be a longer day, 12ish miles, but most of that is trail through the Elk Neck State Forest.

 I will try to keep our journey updated.


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